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Everything you see pouring out of the tap at SunUp is made possible by the brewers who spend the entire day meticulously creating the combinations of flavors & committing to following the science behind every craft beer produced. Next time you have a beer by SunUp toast to our brewers! They will usually respond in spirit by increasing the flavor of the very drink you toasted with. Unless they don't like you. 

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SunUp has the best bartenders in the heart of Phoenix who are proud to serve the delicious selections of craft beer that are brewed just yards away. Stop in and say hi sometime. They will certainly love to strike up a conversation with you!

If you know the secret handshake they'll be sure that your pint of beer has no head on it. If you don't you are just playing with fate.


SunUp Brewing Company was recognized in the Coffee Stout or Porter beer-style category for its White Russian Imperial Coffee Stout at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition.

The flavor of the White Russian is described as a huge burst of rich coffee and cream and dark unsweetened chocolate.

Look for SunUp's White Russian at your nearest local retailer!



A gem in Phoenix...White Russian Imperial Stout is the best Arizona beer by far and if you have never had it you need to come and imbibe!

-David V.

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